16 Signs You Completely Lost Against The Weekend As Told By 'Pretty Little Liars'

No matter what anyone says, life is all about winning and losing. In every situation, there are always those who rise above and others who just, well, don't.

Weekend antics are clear indicators of who won and who lost... come Monday morning, you are either hanging your head in shame or grinning from ear-to-ear.

Well, to the good majority of people who are procrastinating on this miserable, hungover Monday morning, this is for you. Not sure if you lost against the weekend? Well...

1. You lost your cell phone

Well, this is the biggest indication as to whether or not you have lost against the weekend. These days, a cell phone is a person's most prized possession, and losing it can drive anyone to utter madness.

What are you supposed to do without this item that has become more of an extremity? Yup, to the Apple store you go!

2. You left your debit card at the bar

Thank God this happens to people all of the time, so the bartender won't judge you too harshly. Just kidding, he definitely will because you were most likely blacked out of your mind the last time he saw you, and now your dead-sober self must pay the consequences.

3. You or your friend had to pick up Plan B instead of a salad during your lunch break

Well, ladies, you know you really effed up if this is what you are eating for lunch today. Luckily for you, you can avoid the judgmental looks from the pharmacist since this stuff is now available over the counter!

Or you can always buy it off Amazon, but you really do risk that 72-hour window.

4. You are unsure whether or not your friend is mad at you

You may have had a fight with your best friend or you may have not. The truth is you have absolutely no idea because you don't remember the majority of your night.

5. The paycheck you received on Friday is now in the single digit range

Oh yeah! Pay day! I've got all these shots, don't even worry. Yeah, keep waving your blue Chase debit card around because it's just Monopoly money on the weekends.

Rookie mistake because come Monday morning you have another two whole weeks until your next paycheck. Good luck grocery shopping this week.

6. There's a good chance you are still drunk

If you never thought you were still drunk in your office on Monday morning then you aren't doing it right. You feel the tequila dripping through your pores and honestly believe vodka is coming out of your sweat glands.

Relax, drink some water and, if worst comes to worst, just pull the trigger in the bathroom. Again, it's okay, we've all been there.

7. Your iPhone screen resembles a spiderweb

There's no feeling quite like the one you experience after dropping your beloved iPhone.

There's a 50/50 chance your screen has shattered and if that's the case, you bet yourself that you're dropping at least $80 to fix it. Hey, things could always be worse, just be happy you didn't lose it.

8. You have to buy new sheets

Your sheets have been stained by ash, bad decisions and pizza sauce. Nice job because none of that can be washed off in the laundry, well except for the ash, but that seems to go hand-in-hand with the pizza sauce.

It's okay, there's more where that came from. Just head to your local Bed & Bath, at least cleaning up this mistake isn't as bad as #3.

9. You still have the spins

Is the room moving? No, seriously, is it? This is far worse than a simple hangover because you really believe you could vomit at any given moment.

You spend the entire workday regretting not calling in sick. When in doubt, call it out, it's not worth the risk.

10. There are three empty boxes of pizza piled up in your trash

You swore you were going to adhere to a healthy summer diet plan, but alas your blacked-out self knows no boundaries and scarfed down endless pies of pizza.

It's okay, because if you don't remember the calories, they didn't count right? No? Well that's what I'm just going to keep telling myself.

11. Someone is definitely mad at you

There's no is she, isn't she game to be had with this situation. You f*cked up, you know it, your friends know it and the person pissed off at you more than knows it.

The worst part is when you can't even remember what you did that upset her, so your apology will never actually seem sincere.

12. The boy you were texting has ceased all contact

So you and this guy were talking consistently for a solid month, but now he's nowhere to be found. You shriek as you look at your texts and see the last interaction was at 3 am Saturday morning... one line of that exchange was all you needed to see to convince yourself the conversation is better left erased.

13. People are still talking about your Snapchats that you can't remember

This is the absolute worst. Your friends mock you relentlessly for days, but you have absolutely no idea what it is they're laughing at because you have no recollection of ever taking a photo.

Hopefully, you were just doing something funny and not utterly mortifying.

14. Your hands reek of cigarettes but you don't smoke

Who knew you had such an affection for cigarettes? Well, apparently your drunk self does because your hair, nails and clothes reek of them. Bad, bad, bad...

15. Your group chat is full of jokes from the weekend, all of which you don't understand

You may have been in physical attendance during all of the week's festivities but that doesn't mean you were mentally checked in.

As your friends discuss the antics of the past few nights, you can't help but ask yourself: WTF? Better luck next weekend.

16. You are actually surprised when you get tagged in photos

Pictures? Who took pictures this weekend? You don't recall smiling for any photos... uh oh, this is going to be bad.

Photo Courtesy: Fanpop