Here's The Fashionable Way To Wear Your Damp Shower Hair To Work (NYFW)

Time management is an overrated skill, especially if you're a busy lady on the go.

In an ideal world, every woman would have the time to shampoo, blow dry and style her hair before work. Then, she'd patiently set it in rollers while completing a full face of makeup and wearing a silk kimono.

Tragically, an average day doesn't work like a Hollywood movie. Instead of waking up two hours early, we usually just resort to washing and drying the night before. However, for those who love morning showers, I have good news: Wet buns are now high fashion.

For his show at New York Fashion Week, designer Jason Wu worked with Kérastase Stylist Odile Gilbert to give the lazy-chic look a good name. The models rocked damp, finger-combed hair thrown back into ballerina buns even the most laissez-faire French women couldn't resist. The style will even work with four-day oily hair, should you need a quick fix.

You've got to try this out. Bye-bye bedhead, hello, leisurely coffee run before work.

What you'll need:

U-shaped Bobby Pins Hair elastics in your color A comb Blow dry control cream Hairspray

1. Start with product. Lots of product.

Emily Arata

Begin with greasy or damp hair, making sure to comb through and straighten out strands before beginning the hairstyle. Using a cream -- Gilbert loves Kérastase's Crème de la Crème -- slick hair back from the root to shaft.

The goal here is to flatten out the hair, removing any volume from the roots. Surprisingly, Gilbert and her team used about half a bottle of product for each model.

2. Use your fingers to comb out any bumps before securing.

Emily Arata

Using your fingers, draw an imaginary line extending back from the tops of both ears -- this is where your bun should sit. Swallow down memories of your mom styling your hair, and finger comb it into a perfectly sleek ponytail.

Using an elastic, wrap it two to three times around the hair. Feel free to add a second, thicker hair band at this point, ensuring your style won't budge throughout day.

3. Make like a ballerina and twist.

Emily Arata

Using a firm hand, twist the ponytail until it begins to pull back onto itself. Tightly wrap your hair around the base of the ponytail as many times as you can.

Add a few extra elastics where needed, then secure the bun with u-shaped bobby pins. Using hairspray -- Wu's stylists relied on Kérastase Laque Dentelle -- comb down any flyaways.


Get to work on time, perfectly coiffed.

Emily Arata