People Who Take Showers In The Morning Are Happier And Better Looking

As it turns out, the science to beating Sunday Scaries doesn’t lie at the bottom of a Pinot Grigio bottle — rather, it’s all about getting your head wet.

According to a survey performed by Herbal Essences (aka my teenage self’s favorite brand), there is something to showering in the morning.

Sure, waking up fifteen minutes early every day can be kind of a b*tch, but trust us: With benefits like these, it's totally worth the extra pain.

Morning showers make your day better.

Give it up for the early birds. Of one thousand women surveyed, over 90 percent said a morning shower transformed their entire day in a positive light.

This is probably the only time you’ll hear us say waking up fifteen minutes early is actually good for you.

They make you feel prettier, too.

Heads up: Over two-thirds of the women surveyed felt more relaxed after a morning shower, and over half felt more attractive. We bet Beyoncé takes morning showers, too.

They don't just make you feel like Gisele, cold water is proven to give you shinier, healthier hair so you can actually practice what you preach.

Also, while we're all about loving the body you're in and all that jazz, losing those pesky 5 lbs will make anyone's day just a little brighter. A cold morning shower will do just that.

Scandinavian researchers found that bodies exposed to cold temperatures increase the metabolic rate of brown fat fifteen-fold, which can help you lose 9 lbs a year if sustained.

Showers > Coffee.

Showers — especially the freezing cold ones that make you question if you’re a masochist or not — are a psychostimulant, like coffee.

While they don’t have that precious caffeine, they still do the job of waking you the f*ck up when it seems like nothing else can.

In short, a cold morning shower will give you that boost of energy and happiness that coffee can, which is pretty important because we would probably all be dead without our 7 am iced venti caramel macchiatos (with extra foam, please -- it's Monday).

Showers > Bacon.

Okay, not really, but listen to this: Over two-thirds of the women surveyed claimed that they would rather ditch breakfast than their shower.

Um, did these women know about the existence of bacon? What about pancakes? Waffles? Are these women even real? Starting to question everything we believe in here.

Your skin will be your BFF.

Okay, so you two might not sip on lychee martinis together and re-watch "Dirty Dancing" on a Friday night, but you will still be super close.

If you're an oily-skinned gal, it makes sense to shower in the morning to get rid of all that gross oily build-up in your pores.

Also, it shouldn’t come as rocket science, but AM showers help wake you up so that you’re not a zombie for all your morning meetings.

Morning shower sex is the best sex. Period.

Multiple studies show that morning sex is a recipe for happiness and health.

Consider moving the party from your bed to the shower, so you can both get ready together and squeeze in some fun time while you're at it.

Also, as if we needed another excuse to skip our 7 am cycling class, morning sex has been proven to burn almost as many calories as a thirty-minute jog. Doing it in the shower -- well, you'll be getting clean while getting dirty.

They actually make you happier.

Ditch your Xanax and go for a cold morning shower instead. According to researchers at the Department of Radiation Oncology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, short cold showers may stimulate the brain's blue spot -- the primary source of noradrenaline -- which helps chemically mitigate depression.

In short, take an icy shower in the morning and you walk out looking and feeling like Queen Bey.