Midi, Mini, Maxi: The Best Summer Shoe For Every Skirt Length

If we all had Cher Horowitz's famous computer closet, getting dressed every morning would be easy.

But faced with a lack of a techno-fashion advisor, we often resort to staring blankly into open closets while trying to wrack our pre-coffee brains for style inspiration. Summer is the best time of the year for flowy skirts and fancy shoes, but that's sometimes both a blessing and a curse.

While flats might be comfortable, they're often too casual for anything other than an ATM run. A platform sandal, while delightfully 90s-esque, is a little overkill alongside a mini skirt.

Skip Cher's outdated computer and note the following guide. You'll never be caught with clothing paralysis again.

For A Maxi Skirt: Strappy Sandals

Maxi Skirt + Strappy Sandals by elitedaily

A maxi skirt is like the dressed up cousin of sweatpants, non-confining and slouchy. Although it's tempting to throw on your most broken-in sneakers, skip the lazy choice and opt for strappy sandals instead.

You'll look summery and stay cool, all while adding a bit of boho to an otherwise dull outfit.

For A Pencil Skirt: Lace-up Flats

Pencil Skirt + Lace-up Flat by elitedaily

This, my friends, is a power combination. A pencil skirt is the best friend of women trapped in buttoned-down work environments.

It's conservative without being edging or dowdy, and an unexpected pattern or texture makes it a style statement. Pair this #GirlBoss bottom with a pair of on-trend lace-up flats.

For A Wrap Skirt: Summery Sneakers

Wrap Skirt + Summery Sneaker by elitedaily

Weekend days often mean running from brunch to errands to athletic activities without ever once going home to change. Stay on your toes and prepare for anything by matching a sporty wrap skirt with chic sneakers in a neutral color.

Happy feet and a weekend of fun? That's the start to a great week.

For A Flared Skirt: Jelly Sandals

Flared skirt + Jelly sandals by elitedaily

Note: This isn't a combination for the sartorially shy. Embracing skater skirts and denim throwbacks means a healthy appetite for nostalgia, so why not go all the way? Jelly shoes are all the rage this summer and for good reason: Their bright colors and patterns add a splashy, pop art tone to your ensemble.

Take the 90s back with this sensational pair, just don't forget to stock up on foot powder.

For A Mini Skirt: Flatforms

Mini skirt + Flatforms by elitedaily

The 60s saw the rise of mini skirts and the 70s belonged to the platform shoe, but only now can you combine the best parts of both eras.

Instead of amping up the sex appeal of the skirt's short length, think like Solange and play it cool. Flatforms give you the opportunity to show off your legs and the latest trends (think lucite) at the same time.

Not to mention, you'll be able to walk from happy hour to a friend's party without a single blister.

For A Midi Skirt: Chunky Heels

Midi Skirt + Chunky Heels by elitedaily

The midi skirt is the perfect union of work-appropriate yet stylish, making it a summer wardrobe staple in all shades and patterns. To add a little edge, strap on a pair of heels with a platform.

You'll have the stride of a champion while still maintaining an extra-femme silhouette.