When Roles Are Reversed And Hot Women Catcall Men, The Results Are Quite Shocking (Video)

Construction workers are stereotypically known to make the most obvious of catcalls to unsuspecting women, so a few smart ladies decided to switch up the roles a little bit.

Three women clad in sexy construction worker outfits took to the streets to do a little bit of road work and a whole lot of yelling about the dicks they'd like to see.

The reactions are priceless. Almost all of the men continue briskly walking forward without stopping, unsure of how to respond to "Hard-hat for a hard-on. Wanna trade?" and "I'd like to motorboat your balls."

Some turn around and stare uncomfortably, some laugh, and some actually seem really freaked out -- which means the experiment was effective.

At first, I was confused as to why the women dressed rather sexually, but then I remembered that construction workers are also stereotypically good-looking, and the main point of the video is to ask who would deny a "compliment" from an attractive stranger.

Regardless, no matter what the person catcalling looks like, it's just awkward and rude. Even when ladies do it to men.