Sephora Just Posted A Major #TBT Of What Its Website Looked Like In 1997

by Emily Arata

Today, we're taking a serious trip down memory lane.

Hop in your mental time machine and imagine it's the year 1997. The Backstreet Boys are huge, men with piercings are shocking and terrorism isn't even a thought that's crossed the minds of most Americans.

Oh, those halcyon days before the millennium. Mostly, I'm just guessing. I was 6 years old. My main interests were banana-flavored Runts candy and getting my hair braided.

In 1997, however, French boutique cosmetics chain Sephora was growing rapidly.

In just two years, it would launch digitally in the US (stores opened in '98) and take the country by storm. In those days, having an internet presence was something of a quirky side project for brands.

Almost 20 years later, Sephora's taking the time to appreciate its simple beginnings.

In a tweet posted for Internaut Day, the holiday celebrating the supposed birth of the internet, the cosmetics giant linked to an archived version of its site from way, way back. It's a thing of wonder, all tiny, pixelated images and weirdly neon colors.

The site is certainly a far cry from the polished, chic landing page of 2016.

If you've ever blacked out and frantically purchased too many beauty products online, the Sephora website should look like an old friend.


Way back in the'90s, it was a different story. I'd call this “tiny chaos.” It's not even translated into English yet.

Way Back Machine

Recognize the fragrance section of the modern-day


Here's how you used to get there.

Way Back Machine

What... is even happening here?

Way Back Machine

Ah, the early days of the internet. Nearly 20 years later, I'm just happy we no longer have to go half blind in order to purchase beauty products online.