Senator Gives Passionate Speech While Fighting For Equal Pay For Women (Video)

Does the fact that women are paid 77 cents to the dollar make you mad?

Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) is one of those women who has had enough — enough with other women not earning what they deserve or not receiving the promotions they earn.

She lets out her frustrations on the Senate floor (it's about time somebody did) and the result is a 15 minute diatribe against all the inequality that's aimed towards women these days.

Although her speech is full of noteworthy points, we're breaking down some of her best statements:

"No wonder why people are fed up with us. They wonder about us when all is said and done... why more gets said then gets done."

"You know one way to help the economy? For people to make more money. You know what's one of the best ways to make more money? Pay women equal pay for equal work."

"If you in any way, particularly if you're a woman, try to speak up for your rights to get equal pay for the same job — same pay, same job — you're often retaliated against."

"When the Equal Pay Act was signed in 1963, guess what women made? 59 cents for every dollar men made... 50 years later, women make 77 cents for every dollar. Over a 50 year period, we closed the gap by 18 cents. Now what do you think about that? I think it's pretty unjust. I don't think it's even American."

With those highlights to entice you, the entire clip is definitely worth a watch.

via Upworthy, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr