Doctor In India Invents Perfect All-In-One Self-Defense Kit For Women

Imagine carrying a purse-sized, subtle baton that packs the ability to fight off any attacker.

Thanks to an Indian doctor named Pavan Kohli, that might soon be a reality. Kohli recently unveiled a self-protection stick that's a first step toward a practical, streamlined self-defense tool.

The device, called Samiidha Bhavani after a Hindu goddess of bravery, contains a noisemaker, a GPS locator, a flashlight and more.

And it's all in the name of protecting women against would-be assailants.

Kohli, who works as an orthopedist, designed the baton as a practical companion to everyday life.

Instead of seeming like a weapon, the 9-inch-long Samiidha Bhavani fits into a tote bag and acts as an everyday companion.

According to The Wall Street Journal, it contains extra buttons and a sewing kit, as well as vermilion for Indian married women to powder their hair.

An initial design even included a makeup kit, to make the tool a carry-all for both beauty and protection.

And at just 3 pounds, the baton isn't any heavier than your gym bag, making it a step in the right direction for personal defense products.

Although The Wall Street Journal reports Kohli's stick currently costs him just under $80 (5,000 rupees) to manufacture, he hopes to bring the customer price down to an affordable $16 (1,000 rupees).

The Samiidha Bhavani also boasts a Swiss Army knife, extendable length that can stretch over 2 feet, a non-lethal taser and pepper spray.

The doctor hopes to make his multipurpose device available at police stations and healthy-living vendors.

Kohli told press the baton is "a gift from India to women across the globe for their empowerment, and to live with dignity."

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