10 Reasons Sagittarius Women Form The Most Dynamic Friendships

by Holly Harris

Sagittarius women get a bad rap when it comes to friendship.

It's too easy to criticize them for being restless, impatient and borderline incapable of “playing nice,” while totally discounting all the benefits Sag women bring to the table.

There's a reason everyone has Sag women in his or her rotation of friends, and it's because they're f*cking awesome.

They actually make the best friends for these 10 reasons:

1. They're the life of the party.

Sagittarius women can be super intense, and most people can't keep up 24/7.

But when it's time to party, she's exactly the kind of girl you want in your squad.

She's already lining up shots, making best friends with the bartender and making every one laugh the moment you arrive.

If things are getting dull, the Sag woman will rescue the party effortlessly.

2. They get sh*t done.

People call them impatient like that's always a bad thing, when in fact, it makes them super efficient.

Their inherent impatience kicks in like an Adderall high.

They will help you pack up your entire apartment or bang out all your errands in lightning speed, usually so you no longer have an excuse not to go out with her that night.

3. There's always a new adventure.

Your Sagittarius friend is already planning the next big adventure before you've recovered from the last one.

She's always mixing it up to keep life interesting, and she knows what the trendiest weekend getaway spots are.

When you're tired of the same guys at your same local bar, text your Sag girl for a handful of ridiculous ideas to choose from for an exciting girls' night out.

4. They will constantly introduce you to new, exciting people.

She makes friends literally everywhere.

You basically can't leave her alone at the grocery store for two minutes and expect to find her alone.

Her new friends are definitely not all winners, but they are always interesting and make for a good story later.

5. They have the hook up at all the newest bars, clubs and restaurants.

If there's a new hot spot opening in town, she's had it marked on her mental calendar of places to go for months.

She just needs to check everything out as soon as possible.

Why freeze to death waiting in line, when you can just text your Sagittarius girl who's already befriended a handful of people who work there?

6. Boys love them.

Most men can't resist Sag women.

Their love for excitement and adventure is intoxicating, and they're generally surrounded by men at the bar.

They make the best wingwomen, and they are remarkably good at hustling free drinks or getting the whole squad a free VIP table.

7. They joke non-stop.

Sagittarius women are very witty and sarcastic, and they love to make fun of everything all the time.

They might be careless with other people's feelings, but not with their friends'.

8. They're down for anything.

Almost everything seems like a good idea to the Sag woman if you hype it up enough.

If you need someone to make questionable decisions with, she's your girl.

9. They're low-maintenance friends.

They don't need to check in with their friends every six minutes in order to keep the friendships together.

Sagittarius women are not possessive of their girls, and therefore, they are unfazed when their friends branch out and have experiences with other people.

They can go months without hanging out and not feel like the friendships are threatened at all.

They're happy to hear about everything you've been up to when you do finally hang out again.

10. They value their real friends immensely.

Sagittarius women make a lot of new, short-term friends because they can't help but be interested in new people.

They are totally aware that most of those friendships fizzle out, so they cherish the ones that don't immeasurably.

If you're lucky enough to have a Sagittarius as a close friend, she will be your ride or die forever (even if she does occasionally ditch you at the club for some randos or hop a plane to St. Barths without telling you).

She will always be there for you when it's actually important because her real friendships mean the world to her.