Rihanna Just Blessed Us With A New Version Of Her Famous Furry Slides

Rihanna is a modern-day King Midas.

Midas' story, one you probably heard as a kid who didn't yet understand that every Greek myth ends in tragedy or disembowelment, is about a king who has the power to turn everything he touches to gold. Obviously, that backfires pretty quickly.

In the case of the Bajan pop princess, it's not gold she's turning everything into. It's faux fur, lace and fashion.


During Paris Fashion Week, Rihanna presented the second season of her Fenty x PUMA quasi-athleisure collection, one the singer said was inspired by what Marie Antoinette would wear in an alternate world.

Amid the fake pearls, silky pajama pants and general boudoir air of the whole thing was one standout: new sandals.

Rihanna first announced her faux fur and satin slides in April, and since then, they've become a must-have item for anybody who's remotely interested in street style.

If you're a fashion blogger without Fenty slides, just give up now because it's the sandals that make the (Instagram-famous) woman. These particular slides are so popular, Rihanna's rereleased them in colorways like pale pink and gray.

The newest edition of Rihanna's sandals features a satin strap instead of fur, tied into a sleek bow like a sexy bathrobe for your feet. You can spot it in the lower right corner of this photo.

So far, photos from the show make it clear the new slides come in both army green and ballerina pink. There's no word on price yet, but the older editions of the sandals sell for $80 a pair.

The sandals weren't the only ostentatious footwear design happening at the Spring 2017 presentation. Models walked in open-backed, sneaker-style stilettos and chunky platform boots, clomping their way toward sartorial perfection.

Rihanna might be cool enough to make those styles work, but I'm not sure how well the rest of us can. Granted, you don't have to be Tim Gunn to stick your bare left foot in a sandal, rinse and repeat.

If the past is any predictor, the new generation of Fenty slides is about to sell out immediately.