6 Signs You're The Coveted Rihanna Of Your Girl Squad


Rihanna is a pop star with an edge that's all her own.

Everything she touches turns to platinum, and we just can't get enough of the girl from Barbados turned modern-day icon who stole our hearts with a dancehall record.

But it's not just her 47 top 40 hits that keep us mesmerized.

Everything she does (like her latest Paper magazine cover shoot and Humanitarian of the Year award from Harvard University) screams boss. She also runs with a pretty awesome group of friends (think Katy Perry and Leonardo DiCaprio).

But even next to greats, Rihanna just has a different type of shine.

Here's how to tell if you're the Robyn Fenty in your group:

1. You keep wine on deck at all times.

Your friends walk into your home and they never ask for a glass of water or OJ. They immediately say, "Where's the wine?" Because they don't think, they know you have it.

And you always do. A full assortment.

2. Your look is always effortlessly put together.


"I didn't know we were getting dressed up" is the usually the first thing one if your girls says whenever you all link up. And you never know what she's talking about because for you, looking like a bag of money is like breathing.

You couldn't NOT do it if you tried. It's called a casual slay.

3. "Hard work" is your middle name.


You are as much of a girl boss as you are a party girl, and it's reflected in the achievements you rack up in the workplace and beyond.

4. Every location is a twerking location.


It doesn't matter if you just won an award in the office or the front parking spot at the movie theater — every celebration calls for a little booty dance.

(Of course, that office shake is done in the women's bathroom after you've checked to make sure no one is looking. And yes, you might've gotten caught once or twice, but...whatevs. You still rock around that mf'er.)

5. As popping as you are, you're still super approachable.

People tend to gravitate toward your regal vibes as opposed to being intimidated.

You disarm them with a smile and offer them a drink. It's the bad gal way.

6. But you will nix a fuck boy with the quickness.


Didn't they tell him that you are a savage?

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