The 20 Most Ridiculous Ways Women Show Off Their Manicures In Photos

If credit cards could talk, mine would complain that it’s covered in cobwebs. When I spend upwards of $30 on one single purchase, you’ll hear me talk about it for weeks.

That’s why I can’t fault the manicure obsessives of Instagram who take every opportunity to photograph their sparkly, practically unlivable nails.

The last time my nails were professionally done, I promptly sent snapshots to my long distance best friend, sister, boyfriend and work wife.

That sh*t is expensive, and someone else needs to appreciate it as much as I do.

Whether it’s a coordinating scarf or a lush fur rug, shooting your mani on the right background is imperative. Nail fiends will go to any length (sorry) in order show off their pricey art in the best light.

You wouldn’t buy a Monet and then hang it in the bathroom, right?

When in doubt, use your face as a canvas.

She actually purchased these iPhones specifically to use as backdrops. Very expensive backdrops.

We're too distracted by food to even look at the polish.

She only drinks on days she paints her nails.

Screw the diet. There's nail art to be shown off!

She could work, or she could take gold and silver photos.

This photo is less about the nails, more about the giant rock.

Why purchase a lipstick if it doesn't match your manicure?

Look at her shiny nails and poor decisions.

Don't mind her, she's just feeling her blooms.

This manicure brought to you by Mini Cooper.

She totally wasn't even thinking about this planner color when she picked it up.

She only dresses in coordinating color schemes.

Manicure art is easy when you only wear beige.

Oh, this towel? She rests her hand on it all the time.

So many things that glitter in one frame.

Just try keeping the fuzzies off wet polish.

She only bought the bag because it matches her nails.

Two words: meta manicure.

Ah, the old "hold a coconut and pose."