Republican Lawmaker Says Women Are Too Lazy To Deserve Equal Pay


Fair pay, who needs it?

According to one male member of the New Hampshire state House, women don't deserve equal pay to men because they simply don't work as hard.

In a speech to the House yesterday, GOP Rep. Will Infantine maintained that the wage gap is there for a reason — and it's not the ignorance of lawmakers like him. Instead, Infantine argued and implied women workers don't have the same work ethic as professional men.

Infantine continued to make a slew of other offensive and really stereotypical comments on the House floor, asserting that women aren't as motivated by money as men.

I don't know, Infantine, these claims all seem more like unsubstantiated, subjective claims than facts to me. Can we really judge how "motivated" people are by money based on gender, or how much work they'll do if it's required to make ends meet?

H/T: Huffington Post, Photo Courtesy: Fanpop