Wet Hair, Don't Care: 12 Reasons Why Girls Fall In Love With Summer

There’s a reason we spend all year waiting for summer: we can wear those teeny-tiny dresses we're wistfully staring at all winter, flip-flop season is back and most importantly, it’s finally warm enough to hit the beach without looking like a Siberian polar bear.

Summer also comes with plenty of smaller thrills, like finally buying darker foundation, Mango Iced Tea Lemonades at Starbucks, and — duh — Summer Fridays.

Check out our list of all the little things that make June through August the best season ever.

1. Getting your hair wet — and not giving a f*ck.

Showering in the morning doesn’t mean having to spend an hour making love to your blow-dryer.

Pull it up into a messy bun or braid and let the warm summer air work its magic. Try doing that in the winter, and you’ll be walking home with pneumonia.

2. Getting regular pedicures.

We’re not saying you don’t pamper your little piggies during off-season, but once it hits June, you need to keep those toes fresh.

Regular nail salon sessions are a must — and there’s nothing quite like the thrill of showing off a brand new pedicure in a pair of strappy sandals.

3. Sleeping naked, because why not?

It’s too hot to wear clothes to sleep, so going au naturale is your best bet at not sweating yourself into an early grave.

Bonus points if you’re rocking freshly-shaved legs and clean sheets.

4. Ditching the 30-minute makeup routine.

Screw it, your foundation is going to melt off anyway and no one is going to see your sick cat-eye skills from behind a pair of sunglasses anyway, so why bother?

Grab your favorite BB cream and lip stain, and get out of there. Summer isn’t going to last forever.

5. Iced tea flowing by the gallon.

Sure, you can get iced tea any day of the year, but there’s something to sipping on some sweet tazo tea while utilizing your neighbor’s pool (with or without their knowledge).

6. Being able to use that super dark foundation at the bottom of your makeup bag.

Every girl has that one foundation they've purchased when they were three shades darker due to a spring break in Waikiki.

Even if you can't wear it again until next year, you deserve that tanned-foundation confidence boost.

7. You can finally wear that barely-there dress.

You know the one — with the open back and ridiculously-short cut you can almost see your ass if you bend over?

It’s been sitting in the back of your closet, patiently waiting for the weather to hit 90 degrees: Now it's time to let it shine.

8. You can show off all your tats and piercings.

We know you’ve been waiting to show off that shoulder tattoo — you’ve been Instagramming the hell out of it all year.

Grab that strapless top and let it mesmerize everyone in all its glory.

9. You can have a fruit smoothie and it won’t taste like ass.

Most fruits are in season now, so haul ass to your nearest Whole Foods and get your juice game on.

Better yet, watermelon (a.k.a. the real MVP) is in season which is probably the best thing about summer.

10. That sunscreen scent.

Yeah, everyone complains about how stinky SPF is, but we love how it lingers in all our clothes, shoes and yes, on our skin, too.

11. Being able to listen to “Summertime Sadness” and not feel like a freak.

Sorry, but the Lana Del Ray classic just sounds so out of place in February.

12. Two words: frozen margaritas.

As if we needed another reason to love anything with a salt rim. Once these giant fish bowls of happiness pop out, you know it's a party.

Seriously, whoever came up with the idea to mix alcohol and slushies needs to be awarded a Medal of Honor for saving summer.