36 Reasons I Love My Uggs and IDGAF What You Think

I once counted myself among the Ugg-hating community.

In middle school, I used to wonder, "Why are these girls so obsessed?"

Then, one wintry upstate New York evening, I left a party at a friend's house. As I put my boots on, I looked down to see all the different shoes that sat before me.

Finally, it was my chance to understand all the hype.

After making sure no one was around, I slipped my foot into a tall, chestnut-colored Ugg. The sweet sin of warm fur snuggling my toes was almost too much to bear.

There was no turning back. From then on, I was about that Ugg life.

I gave no more f*cks about the way they looked, I just wanted those heavenly pillow sacks to carry my feet through the winter.

You may not understand until you try it yourself. Just trust me.

Once you Ugg, there's no turning back.

1. Uggs are like puppies snuggling your feet.

2. They're ridiculously comfortable.

3. When you're comfortable, you're confident.

4. Uggs aren't just a statement, they're a lifestyle.

5. Let's be real, classic styles are always the cutest.

6. I don't even wear the kind with ties.

7. I'm from upstate New York, what do you expect?

8. I saw 2 Chainz wearing Uggs once.

9. They were leather, though.

10. And probably custom made.

11. Your boyfriend wears man Uggs.

12. Your mom wears them, too.

13. And your grandma.

14. But, they look adorable on her.

15. Respect the comfortable lifestyle.

16. That includes Ugg sandals.

17. I took it there.

19. These shoes are therapy.

20. They're an investment.

21. You can wear them with anything.

22. Little black dress included.

23. Bohemian skirt suggested.

24. I wear my Juicy Couture tracksuit with them, too.

25. I waterproof them if it's raining outside.

26. It's all about dedication.

27. My middle school Uggs lasted longer than your high school sweetheart.

28. What makes you think I deal with blisters?

29. I tuck my jeans in my Uggs.

30. It looks weird if you don't.

31. Unless you're wearing boyfriend jeans.

32. Then, you're chic.

33. Uggs are the best excuse not to wear socks.

34. Until your feet stank.

35. Once you go Ugg, you don't go back.

36. IDGAF. I love my Uggs!