Project Runway All Stars Has A New Host


Move over Heidi Klum, there is a new Project Runway host... and she’s most certainly not what anyone expected. Actress Alyssa Milano has just been made the host of the third season of "Project Runway All Stars," where she will appear alongside the returning judges, Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Milano does in fact have fashion experience (I wasn’t exactly sure) with her own pro-sports-themed clothing and jewelry line, Touch by Alyssa Milano. Milano also has links with Lifetime, starring in several different shows and movies.

Is this the downfall of Project Runway All Stars? I’m sorry, but Project Runway is entirely a competition for fashion designers. Not only a competition, but designer contestants on the show are given mentorships. Valuable mentorships that help them grow as not only contestants, but also designers.

How can Alyssa Milano be giving designers mentorships when I’m pretty sure that her "pro-sports-themed clothing and jewelry line" is not exactly the type of design experience valued for contestants attempting to break into the real fashion industry.

Sorry, Alyssa.

Photo Credit: Getty Images