Products I Love: Anthropologie


This weekend I visited one of my all time favorite stores, Anthropologie. If you’re an old soul, like me, you’ll be sure to love this store as well. Not only are the clothes and jewelry beautifully made and represented, the home décor and gift items are too good to pass up.

Everything in Anthropologie has a vintage feel. Their products bring you back to a simpler time, making you feel classic and feminine. It’s nearly impossible to leave the store without making at least one purchase. Here are the items I brought home with me this weekend; I think you would like them too.

A Rather Novel Collection Eau De Parfum- Cape of Good Hope


I have been using the same base perfume for a few years now (Alien by Thierry Mugler), however, I’ve found that it’s better suited for nighttime. I instantly fell in love with this scent the second I picked it up, it’s floral scent is created by a blend of red tea leaves, lemon, gardenia petals and musk. It’s perfect for the daytime and I’ve already received compliments and at a mere $48, it was impossible to pass up.

100 Years Of Fashion


I’m a huge fan of coffee table books. They’re such an easy way to decorate and always attract guests. As a fashion fanatic and Audrey Hepburn admirer (admirer, obsessed fan, same thing right?) I couldn’t pass this up. The book covers fashion from high society to couture to street and sports wear over the past 100 years, showcasing celebrities and designers. The images are fantastic and I can’t wait to read it ($40).

Weekly & Monthly Vintage Planner


Like I said, I’m an old soul. I’d much rather write down what I have to accomplish that day than make a note of it in my iPhone. This vintage planner is perfect to do so ($20).

Homegrown Monogram Mug


I’m addicted to coffee. Like, 8 cups a day addicted. I have a vast collection of mugs from Anthropologie already but I’ve never purchased this one. I love mine, decorated with a pale pink vintage floral pattern that looks as if it was stamped on and accented with a lowercase ‘a’ ($8).

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images