This Adorable Preschooler Does Some Yoga With Mom And The Results Are Heartwarming (Photos)

Okay, we're officially doubled over in cuteness-pain, the latest a result of a New Jersey yoga instructor, Laura Kasperzak, and her two preschool children, who totally love being in front of the cameras.

The yoga mom of two's stunning depictions of flexibility and strength have garnered her more than 700,000 Instagram followers.

The best shots, however, are those of her and her little ones stretching and spending quality time on the yoga mats.

While her older son is more reserved and less interested in participating, her younger daughter isn't shy in front of the camera.

“It doesn’t take much. She’s the ham of my two children, and loves to be photographed," said Kasperzak.

Reason number 23,710 you should date a yoga chick: She knows how to strike a pose.



H/T: Twenty Two Words, Photos Courtesy: Instagram