Prank Your Friends With 'Pregnancy Text' To Promote Teen Pregnancy Awareness

Want to play the cruelest joke ever on your friends today?

Sign them up for's Pregnancy Text and "impregnate" their phone with a virtual baby.

Taking a cue from the impeccably annoying Furbies and Tamagotchis of yesteryear, the prank turns the victim's cellphone into a digital baby who bothers you just as much as a real one would. We definitely lost a few friends after they called us at 6 am to let us know that their "baby" was born...

The campaign's aim is to put the power in girls' hands to get their guy friends to stop and think about the reality of impregnating someone.

But why stop at teenagers?

This fun prank is useful for: cheating husbands who need to convince their mistresses to use birth control (ever seen "Match Point"?), CEO's who can't lose their employees to maternity leave, and dads sending their innocent girls off to college!

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