Powerful Women: Jenna Lyons

These days the youth of our country seem to be expecting more and more, but are willing to work less for it, and that is truly a shame. Our generation seems to have lost the work ethic that we once had and the idea of working up to a prestigious position has gone out the window.

Working your way up through a company should be the most exciting part about a professional career, which would make Jenna Lyons the most exciting female in business. Lyons, J. Crew’s Company President and Executive Creative Director since 2010, has held multiple positions throughout the company.

Lyons has held multiple positions as a J.Crew employee beginning as a designer in the 90s (1994-1995), moving up to Design Director from 1996-1998, Senior Design Director for one year in 1999 and Vice President of Women’s Design from 1999-2005. The last position she held prior to being the Company’s President was as Creative Director.

Quite the impressive resume! The Parsons graduate moved out to New York City to pursue her dream of being a designer from California and most definitely made a name for herself. Jenna Lyons is an inspiration to anyone out there that has a strong work ethic and wants to make a name for themselves. Will she make it all the way to the top? I truly hope so.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images