Powerful Illustrations Highlight How Women Are Changing The World

Women are not content to sit quietly.

The last few years brought forth an earnest discussion of the ways in which the female body is sexualized, a call to end campus rape and even an Internet battle regarding catcalling.

And in the age of the Internet, these issues are more publicized and discussed more often than ever before.

Women also tackled issues like body positivity and consent.

In short, women are making moves to change society and play an active role in the world.

María María Acha-Kutscher, a Peruvian artist, turns the media-making actions of female activists into comic book-style art.

She hopes the pop culture undertones of the series, which she calls "Indignadas (Outraged Women)," will resonate with younger viewers.

The artist believes creating art from images of protesting women endows pieces with timelessness.

She elevates her subjects and their actions to the level of "high art."

Although Acha-Kutscher began "Indignadas" in 2012, she adds an update each time a human rights violation or event hits the media.

Most recently, she added a panel for the January Charlie Hebdo shooting.

These outraged women would be proud to see themselves portrayed as cartoon warriors.

Even Wonder Woman never protested against restraint on sexual freedom.

The artist told the Huffington Post the series has a very specific message of change.

She said, "I hope this series connects especially with young people, with the 'new feminism.'"

"I hope also that it serves as a contribution to remind global society that social changes were made by women and men together."

"History is herstory, too."

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