Police Officer Tells Young Girls Sex Before Marriage Leads To Prostitution, Addiction And Death

by Katie Gonzalez

In a scene seemingly straight out of "Mean Girls," one police officer told a crowd full of girls and young women that premarital sex would lead to... dun, dun, dun... death and bunch of other horrible things, like prostitution and sex trafficking. But eventually, death.

Las Vegas Officer Regina Coward, who is also president of the Nevada Black Police Association, organized a May 3 event promoting abstinence for the non-denominational Victory Outreach Church.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department had sponsored the event, likely because Coward is a member of that congregation.

During her speech to the crowd, Coward showed those in attendance images of pimps and prostitutes, as well as a graphic drug abuse video (because clearly sex before marriage also leads to addiction).

Coward also had actors perform the "Toe-Tag Monologues," a skit about women whose bad life choices ended in death, and had them carried away in body bags.

In addition to being clearly a little crazy, Coward is also misinformed — according to a 2012 Guttmacher Institute study, abstinence-only strategies only deter sexually active teens from using contraceptives, which is the actual aspect about sex that could harm their physical beings.

This definitely seems like a situation of a police officer doing more harm than good.

H/T: Huffington Post, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr