There's Actually Chocolate That Will Make PMS Symptoms More Tolerable

For many women, period week means an endless quest to rip the doors off your kitchen cabinets and scarf down every bit of food you can find.

It's not pretty, and thankfully, Boston native Tania Green has a plan to end the diet-wrecking plight.

Her Kickstarter-funded subscription service, PMS Bites, provides six chocolatey-but-healthy treats for each period.

The $20 package, delivered monthly, aims to ease the mood swings and food binges that often arrive alongside Aunt Flo.

Green's vegan, gluten-free PMS bites, at 60 calories each, are made with dandelion, chamomile and ginseng – ingredients that have reportedly positive effects on bloating and unreasonable crabbiness.

They also boast ingredients like almond butter, dates and oats, which will keep blood sugar from spiking while providing the feeling of a dessert-like treat.

As Green puts it, she wanted to create something she could crave.

Don't think of Green as a kooky would-be nutritionist, just a woman trying to help others who feel they spiral out of control around the same time every month.

She told Mashable, "I just think that those ingredients are healthy, much better than reaching for a Snickers bar.”

The bites come in three varieties: plain "Plain Crazy," coconut "Coco-nutty" and nuts "All Kinds of Nuts."

There's clearly a demand, because Green's Kickstarter reached 169 percent of its $5,000 goal.

As Green sets about delivering her PMS orders, she hopes to expand the line and eventually sell her product through health food vendors like Whole Foods.

PMS, watch your back.

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