Plus-Sized Blogger Sends Powerful Message About The Word 'Brave'

When blogger Jessica Kane posed for a Facebook photo on the beach in her one-piece swimsuit, she thought nothing of it. She was fully covered -- no need for a cover-up -- and in the photo, she smiles, posing with one hand on her hip. It was, all things considered, your average beach picture.

Kane is plus-sized, but she doesn't want to be called brave for it.

Kane took to Facebook to defend her perspective:

Kane makes a valid point: Why should a woman be considered brave for doing something perfectly normal?

To call her brave is to perpetuate the opinion there's something wrong with her body -- because we wouldn't call a thin woman brave for doing the same thing, would we?

Her viral message communicates an important reminder: It's not our place to comment on others' bodies.

Live and let live.

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