Perfect Comfy-Chic Pants For Any Girl Stuffing Face On Thanksgiving

by Gigi Engle

Ah, Thanksgiving: It's a time to be with friends and family, a time to appreciate all of the blessings in life and a time to reflect on a year that's swiftly coming to a close.

It is also known as a time to stuff your f*cking face with what would seem to be humanly impossible amounts of food, wine and desserts.

It's the holiday to gorge and to have zero regrets about doing so.

Because what could make you more grateful than a turkey the size of a large toddler smothered in heaps of gravy and mounds of mashed potatoes stacked to the ceiling?

That's right... nothing.

When it comes to this festive holiday, a girl needs to strategically plan in the fashion department. While you want to look cute, you also need to be rational and resign yourself to the fact that your favorite skinny jeans won't survive this gluttonous occasion.

Let’s be real: Buttons are not an option for you right now. So, how do you wear stretchy pants while simultaneously outshining your bitchy cousin in all of your family photos?

Luckily, high fashion and comfort have recently melded together to give us options without ever failing to discretely mask our swollen, stuffing-filled bellies.

Here are five cozy options perfect for your Thanksgiving calorie fest:


Jeggings are the perfect hybrid of cool style and easy comfort. They have all the benefits of jeans and are stretchy enough to expand like leggings.

So, while you're stuffing your face with forkfuls of sweet potatoes, you're super skinny "jeans" will stay super-skinny.


Joggers are the perfect choice for vegging out with your family.

They're close enough to sweatpants to leave room for a bloating stomach, but far enough away to convince your parents that you're wearing clothes and not pajamas (again).


Is there any item of clothing more comfortable than leggings? (No.)

Dressed up or down, these babies are so versatile they can comfortably fit any Thanksgiving feast. Whether in cotton or leather, there's definitely a pair that you can make gorgeous and sophisticated.

Just be sure to pair them with a long sweater, k? Lest we not forget, leggings are not pants.


Trousers come in a variety of different styles, but if you're going low-waisted, you'll need to skip the buttons and opt for drawstring instead.

These are ideal for a gathering slightly more formal than the company of your siblings. But don't worry, they still provide plenty of room for exponential stomach expansion.

Harem Pants

Harem pants are interesting. They're a little bit trendy, a little bit confusing (for the opposite sex) and insanely comfortable to wear.

They're exotic, but they also feel like you're wearing a cloud. While men might not understand them, your female cohorts certainly appreciate them.

And what better time to wear your trendy, oh-so-soft harem pants then on Thanksgiving?