People Are Taking Pics With Tampons To End Stigma Associated With Periods


Menstruation has always been one of those things on the list of TMI topics.

But now, ladies are turning to the Internet to change the taboo associated with tampon talk.

If you've been paying attention to Twitter this week, you may have noticed tampon selfies are suddenly taking social media by storm as women and men are uploading pro-period pics using the hashtag #JustATampon.

Well, it turns out this tampocalypse is actually a charity campaign created by the children's organization Plan and news site V.Point. The goal is to increase awareness of menstruation and raise money for menstrual health work in underprivileged countries.

Across the world, reportedly 88 percent of girls and women do not have access to sanitary products, and that often causes health problems and social issues such as bullying and absence from school.

According to Plan UK,

Take a look at the tweets below, and check out the Just A Tampon campaign to see how you can get in on the Aunt Flo action.

Tampons selfies are taking over Twitter...

As more and more people join the #JustATampon campaign... end the stigma associated with periods.

Plan and V.Point teamed up to create this hashtag campaign... get people talking about menstruation and raise money for girls and women who lack access to menstrual health and sanitary products around the world.

According to Plan, just one donation can provide a girl in Uganda with enough sanitary towels for an entire year.

Justice Tampon to the rescue!

All sorts of women and men are getting in on the cause...

...including comedians and newscasters.

Today's Twitter forecast is cloudy with a chance of flow.

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