People Are Now 'Microwaving' Their Armpits To Get Rid Of Hair And Sweat

People will do some pretty strange things in the name of beauty.

Case in point: People are microwaving their armpits to get rid of hair and sweat.

MiraSmooth is a new technology used to banish unwanted hair and sweaty pits by essentially microwaving the underarms.

But before you run to your kitchen,  plaster your pits against the microwave and turn that sh*t on full blast, you should know this technique works a little differently.

MiraSmooth solves all your pit problems by using "precisely controlled microwave energy" to reduce the appearance of underarm hair and stop excessive perspiration permanently.

Plus, this innovative treatment is said to work with any type of hair and skin tone since it doesn't require a chromophore like laser hair removal devices.

Now you're probably wondering if microwaving your underarms actually works.

According to Dr. Jeremy Brauer of Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York,

Using this technology we've seen stable axillary hair reduction of approximately 70 percent regardless of color, and these results were based on a non-optimized treatment protocol.

Lots of women -- and men --  are getting in on this new trend. Take a look at the pictures below for a closer look.

If you struggle with sweaty, hairy pits...

You'll be glad to know your armpit problems may soon be things of the past...

...thanks to a breakthrough technology called miraSmooth.

MiraSmooth uses microwave energy to precisely target and remove unwanted armpit hair and reduce excessive sweating once and for all.

So what exactly does this new hair removal technique involve?

First, temporary lines are drawn on your skin to guide the treatment and a local anesthesia is applied to minimize the ouch factor...

Then, the miraSmooth device is used to microwave pesky hair on your pits...

...and within no time, you're well on your way to achieving smooth and sweat-free underarms.

Plus, this microwave technology is "color blind," so it works on every type of hair color and skin tone, unlike laser hair removal technology.

Apparently it's pretty effective, too. The company's press release stated patients have seen up to a 70 percent reduction in underarm hair as a result of using miraSmooth treatments.

But that still leaves us with the biggest question: Just how safe is it to microwave your underarms for the sake of beauty?

Dr. Snehal Amin told BuzzFeed, "While the safety and efficacy of microwave device treatment for sweating is fairly well established, there is less long-term data on the safety and efficacy of microwaves for hair removal."

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