Please Mind The Gap: It May Take Women 75 Years To Make As Much As Men

With all the work women have done in attempts to gain parity in the workplace, the findings of Oxfam's latest study provides a grim reality: Women won't make as much as men for at least another 75 years.

That means that working women won't be earning the salaries they deserve in their lifetimes, and despite their best efforts to instill a good work ethic in their daughters, they likely won't experience equal pay, either.

The Oxfam study surveyed the rates at which the pay gaps were closing among the G20 countries, which are supposed to be among the most developed in the world (but since women are so outwardly discriminated against, that hardly seems like the case).

The Oxfam report delved into possible reasons that women still don't make as much as men, or why countries are so slow to close this gap.

A big factor in this inequality is, of course, outright discrimination.

But another issue, the report revealed, is that women are more often sidelined with unpaid care work — like attending to children or looking after the elderly — which then makes it more difficult for them to rejoin the workforce as a paid employee.

via Oxfam, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr