10 Outdated Beauty Items You Should Definitely Ditch

By Gigi Engle

When it comes to your beauty routine, the goal is always the same: Maximize efficiency without sacrificing your perfect look. But that can be difficult with all the tools, brushes, applicators, scrubs, lipsticks and eyeshadows that are out there.

We ladies can wind up with an overstuffed bag of stuff, half of which we don't use and most of which we don't need.

Our routines become time-consuming and exhausting. A 10-step grooming process is no one's idea of a fun way to spend a morning. To save precious time, you need to identify which products and tools are no longer useful to your routine.

And when you get down to it, many of the beauty tools out there are totally outdated and unnecessary. Here are 10 that it's time to ditch.

1. Lash curlers

Lash curlers are so 2014.

These days, if you have a really great mascara, you can kick the lash curler to the curb.

Make sure you choose mascara with a curled wand, which will give you a highly defined curl and full color coverage. You'll easily cut down your lash-time with this all-in-one, foolproof step.

2. Makeup sponges

Forget gross makeup sponges. They collect bacteria and don't give full, flawless coverage. Instead, upgrade to a pack of beauty blenders.

Beauty blenders work dry or damp to build on your foundation and keep it smooth and fabulous. Just be sure to change your blender once a month and wash it with antibacterial soap between uses.

Keeping it clean will help you avoid clogged pores and ensure your skin looks fresh.

3. Eyeshadow applicators

Eyeshadow sponges are cumbersome and difficult to clean. No one has time for that noise.

Spongy eyeshadow applicators are out and cream-stick eyeshadows are in. Why? Because with cream sticks, you can ditch the sponge and keep your eyeshadow in one place.

Long story short: You don't have to stress about cross-pollinating with different colored shadows since each shade goes on in one easy step.

4. Fake eyelashes

Gone are the days of fake eyelashes. They are so very 1994. It's not chic to wear false lashes, and why would you? Today's mascaras are so superior that they have replaced these artificial makeup relics.

Instead of smearing eyelash glue and droopy fakes all over your precious eyes, opt for a high quality mascara that'll make your eyelashes as long and voluptuous as falsies.

Pro tip: Pick a mascara with a curved brush. That way, you'll be able to perfectly sculpt your lashes in one simple swoop.

5. Paddle hairbrushes

Paddle hairbrushes are hard on your hair and cause breakage.

When it comes to hair care, boar bristle brushes are where it's at. That's because their many soft bristles and fibers are so gentle on your delicate scalp, giving you soft, luscious hair.

As an added bonus, they also pull excess oil from your scalp and distribute it evenly throughout your hair, which adds moisture and sheen. Ditch the old paddle and opt for a next-level brush.

6. Pumice stones

Pumice stones were all the rage for majorly smooth skin exfoliation back in the day. But over time a problem emerged: They aren't very good for your skin.

To upgrade your exfoliating game, ditch the pumice stones and opt for a luxurious sugar scrub instead. Unlike their pumice stone counterparts, these scrubs will leave your skin soft and smooth — all without the unnecessary dryness and irritation.

When it comes to smooth skin, gentle is always better.

7. Press on fake nails

Believe it or not, people are still using fake and acrylic nails. It wasn't just a passing trend. The problem with these beauty products is that they may LOOK really nice and pretty, but they're basically destroying your nail beds in the process.

If you opt for the artificial kind, you'll wind up with very thin and weak nails that are more likely to break. And no one wants that. Instead, grow strong, natural nails and invest in a manicure every two to three weeks.

8. Stick foundation

Stick foundations are never the way to go. They can leave you looking blotchy, and it's virtually impossible to find a color that perfectly matches your skin tone.

When it comes to your base, you don't want to look like you painted your skin onto your face. You want flawless coverage, blended to perfection. To achieve that enviable look, you need a beauty blender and the right liquid or powder foundation.

9. Doe foot lip gloss applicators

You remember doe foot lip gloss applicators, right? They're the spongy applicators that soak up the gloss and deliver it to your lips in a thick, goopy mess. (They were very popular in the 1990s but have managed a comeback.)

This is NOT how lip gloss is supposed to be. There are better options out there! Instead of doe feet, choose a gloss with a brush or one in stick form. The last thing you want is to look like a clown.

10. Tweezers

Tweezers may seem like the optimal product for removing those pesky stray hairs, but trust me, they aren't. When you pull a hair out of your face with tweezers, you're pulling on the skin, causing it to lose elasticity. (It also hurts.)

Your skin is very sensitive and if you aren't gentle with it, you'll wind up seeing wrinkles before your time has come.

So, as an alternative to the tweezer, try either threading or waxing. They may be a little more expensive and time-consuming, but what you spend on these indulgences, you'll save on pricey wrinkle creams.

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