The Best Oscar Wilde Quotes That Perfectly Describe The World Today


Today is Oscar Wilde’s birthday! Wahoo! Why do we care? Well, besides the fact that he was an exceptionally profound intellectual, poet, playwright, novelist, and genius epigram creator, he also authored many of the popular quotes that Gen-Y’s use in their yearbooks or post on their Facebook statuses.

So let’s celebrate the man whose words are still applicable today -- as evidenced by your friend’s status onslaught of “Wilde-isms” after her breakup. After all, who better to take advice from than the man who said himself, “I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself”?

Take a look! There’s something for everyone…

When describing Miley Cyrus

What Kanye West tells himself every morning in the mirror

On justifying that abortion

What we find out too late in the job world after college

After a really wild night out

When you wake up next to a 2 that you thought was a 10

Slut-shaming justification

When your boyfriend asks to do anal

What JAPs say without a hint of irony

Why you’re still single

Monday morning when you’re still hungover from the weekend

Douchebag mentality in a nutshell

What Jerry Sandusky said after he got fired

Why you cheated on your boyfriend

Kids who peaked in High School

Why ghetto babies come into this world

George W. Bush’s Administration

Why really pretty girls are also really, really damaged

What single people keep telling themselves

Why the government is still shutdown

Why you stopped dating

What Amanda Bynes said when she checked into a mental hospital

Why Jews have to marry other Jews

The eternal bachelor’s mentality

Why we hate pretty much everyone

Mean Girls

Why you read Elite Daily

Actually just a really solid quote from Oscar Wilde

Because of Hollywood couples…

Kim Kardashian’s painful existence

The reason private schools were created (to overcome this)

Jay Gatsby’s arrogance

Why Taylor Swift still has friends

Life’s hard truth

What happens after you finish school

Why you have more enemies than friends

Why Kris Jenner should not have procreated

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