One Psychologist Thinks We Should All Photoshop Our Profile Pictures On Dating Sites

Is anyone surprised? The founder of a Photoshop app (who just so happens to also be a psychologist) is making waves with his assertion that young people should totally using his software to alter their dating site profile pics for the "better."

Dr. Steven Nakisher, a Chicago-based psychologist and CEO of, said he thinks that dating site profiles are a lot like young professionals' résumés — they occasionally need a little sprucing up... and that's where his app comes in.

Nakisher has a bunch of (unsolicited) tips for how single guys and gals should be presenting themselves on Tinder and OKCupid, and perhaps unsurprisingly, he thinks that young people should be using technology to change their appearance — that is, to virtually slim down the photo. He also advocates for using photo-editing apps for acne removal and "skin smoothing."

Your profile picture is your personal brand. It is how you present yourself to the world.

Nakisher, of course, is probably largely promoting his own product here, but his pro-Photoshop claims are misleading.

If people's dating profile pictures are their "personal brands," why would people want to propagate a lie? Skills listed on a résumé might be slightly exaggerated, but they can also be learned.

Chances are, most people aren't losing the love handles they sliced off their photo before their first Tinder hookup.

However, with all the filters we often use before posting our photos to the world, it's not as crazy a claim as one would think. Still, we'll stick with using Valencia to make us look tan over using to make us look like someone we're not.

H/T: Daily Dot, Photo Courtesy: Facebook