'OMG I'm Such A Bro' #Sh*tGirlsSay


We, the Women of Gen-Y, definitely have a language of our own. We say at least five of a list of 25 absurd phrases a day, but I think this one might be the most obnoxious: “Ugh, I’m such a bro.” First of all, why the hell are you trying to prove to people that you are a boy? And second of all, do you think you’re impressing them? Because you aren’t.

When a girl says she’s a bro, it’s an attempt for her to seem more “chill” than she probably is. Truthfully, any girl who says this is automatically less chill. It’s the same as that rule that if someone says that they’re funny, they’re automatically less funny. I’m sorry, but just because you know how to roll a joint and you like "South Park" doesn’t mean you’re a guy. Why do girls feel the need to let people know that they’re a bro? Why can’t they just be a chill girl?

The reason that girls drop this line as much as Pitbull drops “Dale” is partially men’s fault. Our society is sexist. Since men stereotype women as crazy, we associate “sane” with being male. Therefore, girls feel the need to be seen as a dude in order to be accepted. When a guy says, “wow you’re so cool, you’re not a girl,” some women take it as a compliment. Um, thanks, but no thanks. Last time I checked I was a girl (thank you God). Sorry to disappoint you…?

Also, the women of Gen-Y often forget that there’s a fine line between being “chill” and being one of the guys. For some women, being a bro = having no morals or boundaries. All personal hygiene, manners, sobriety and self-respect go out the window. By all means, if you think you were born the wrong gender, that's your prerogative. Just do you, girlfriend (or boyfriend?)

However, some girls don’t actually want guys to consider them as one of their bros; they actually just think it’s an attractive trait. To some guys, sure, it is. For a majority of guys, it isn’t. If a girl’s guy friends wouldn’t have sex with her if presented the opportunity, that probably means she took the whole “bro” front too far. While only men used to be found in the “friend-zone,” now girls who try too hard to be “bros” can also be found there.

Don’t lie to yourself; you’re not a bro. Maybe you’re an easy-going girl who likes a lot of the same stupid sh*t that your guy friends like. That doesn’t mean you have to label yourself as a guy. It doesn’t mean you have to broadcast that you think you’re like really cool by letting everyone know that you’re “such a bro.” People’s opinion of you will form based on your actions, anyway, not by literally telling them what to think of you. You are a female. You probably just got back from getting a manicure or taking a bar method class. At least I did. Now drink your Starbuck’s venti iced-soy latte with two Splenda while you think about what to say back to the guy who just texted you and accept it.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr