Olivia Wilde Breastfeeding Her Son Shows She Doesn't Give A F*ck What People Say

Olivia Wilde is absolutely crushing the patriarchy, one suckled nipple at a time.

In September's issue of Glamour, Wilde is photographed sitting in a booth at a restaurant while breastfeeding her naked baby, Otis, in public. In public. "Gasp."

This is amazing considering there's far too much stigma around a very natural process that is in no way sexual or provocative, but, for some reason, has been regarded as such.

It's great to see celebrities fighting the good fight and major magazines like Glamour fearlessly printing these photos.

Regarding her son, Wilde told Glamour:

"Being shot with Otis is so perfect because any portrait of me right now isn’t complete without my identity as a mother being a part of that. Breast-feeding is the most natural thing. I don’t know, now it feels like Otis should always be on my breast. It felt like we were capturing that multifaceted woman we’ve been discussing — that we know we can be. You can be someone who is at once maternal and professional and sexy and self-possessed."

She jokes that, well, she "doesn't look like that" while breastfeeding, but we beg to differ. Olivia, you look hot any time.

H/T: Crushable, Photos Courtesy: Patrick Demarchelier/Glamour