18 Ways To Avoid Becoming 'That Girl' At This Year's Office Holiday Party

We all know the holiday season means overdosing on eggnog and breaking the bank for gifts.

It's also the time of year when holiday office parties pepper the weeks leading up to Christmas vacation.

Chances are, your company's fête will be extremely lit. However, it's imperative you're not completely on your worst behavior.

There's a thin line between letting your hair down and venturing into HR territory.

Celine Rahman

We're not saying you have to be a boring wallflower. However, you don't want to create an Olivia Pope-style scandal that'll make your boss fire you.

Avoid a moral hangover with the right balance of festive fun and professionalism.

1. Eat a solid meal before you go.

You don't want to be that girl after just one appletini and appetizers.

2. Don something Solange would wear.

Slip on a sexy tuxedo dress to ensure you're camera-ready from any angle.

3. Don't bring a plus one.

For goodness sake, don't bring sand to the beach.

4. Set your alarm for the next morning.

After the party, you'll be too sauced to do anything except call an Uber.

5. Go. Even if you don't want to.

Come on. Why skip the free booze and appetizers?

6. When you arrive, check the guest list twice.

Assume all the executive suits are in the room and act accordingly.

7. Mingle happily.

Rule of thumb: Learn one new thing about everyone.

8. Do not talk shop!

No one gives two sh*ts about the content strategy meeting tomorrow.

9. Take full advantage of the open bar.

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Don't play yourself. It's not the night to quit drinking.

10. Make up a drinking game with your work BFF.

Every time someone annoys the f*ck out of you, roll your eyes and take a sip.

 11. Get mildly drunk.

You'll have just enough courage to flirt with a cute coworker, but won't vom on your CEO.

12. But, don't air your grievances.

Now's not the time to share how unhappy you are about the bathroom situation.

13. Stay off social media.

Don't live-tweet the political debate between two of your coworkers.

14. And don't make out with anyone.

Except maybe a private kiss with your work husband.

15. Be Taylor Swift every time you receive praise.

Act totally surprised that you've been a star employee for months.

16. Keep feeding drinks to your work frenemy.

Watch her spill more than just her whiskey and coke.

17. Show appreciation to your office manager.

Thank them ad nauseam for the fake snow and top-shelf Jameson.

18. Then, make your way to an after party.

Bonus points if you still make it to work on time the next day.