Nicola Formichetti Exits Mugler

This year certainly has been interesting for fashion houses. Creative Directors have been entering and exiting design houses like nobodies business. The latest creative director shock? Nicola Formichetti has parted ways with Mugler after two years.

The fashion house is calling the split a “mutual” decision with the director general of Mugler giving the following statement:

Nicola has accomplished our original mission of bringing his energy to the brand. With his talent for communication and understanding modern imagery and design, Nicola has been instrumental in attracting a new audience which is undeniably crucial for the future strategy of the house. He will be a historical part of the Mugler legacy and known as the force that catapulted us forward.

Reviews for Mugler’s collection have been mixed, so it’s unclear as to whether the French fashion house is looking for a breath of fresh (or better) air, or if Formichetti was just a temporary director. Speculation as to who the next creative director will begins now.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images