Nicki Minaj’s New Line Is… Interesting


I don’t think anyone on the face of this planet (other than her die hard fans) would ever have confidence in Nicki Minaj’s design expertise (or lack there of). She went from wearing $2 camis and fake gold bamboo hoop earrings to being hip hop’s Lady Gaga.

Her style certainly is eclectic, and appropriate for Halloween, but not one person in her right mind would consider wearing any of Nicki’s clothing day to day, right? Nicki didn’t seem to think so. The singer/rapper/whatever decided to collaborate with Kmart to create a collection of clothing for young girls inspired by her own style.

As you can imagine, the released collection sure is… interesting. After getting a first look, we see all the style elements we’d expect: skin-tight silhouettes, spandex, cut-outs, neon and dizzying prints, but still, imagining young girls strutting through high school halls in these clothes makes us a little squeamish.

However, Nicki’s collection is designed exactly how we would imagine a Minaj fan to dress and it’s great that the rapper puts an emphasis on the natural female form, but I don’t agree with her claim that “any women can wear it and feel confident.” Also, the skin-to-cloth ratio make these clothes fit for the club and… yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Minaj however, feels differently:

“I definitely didn’t want people to think, ‘Oh, she’s just going to have crazy stuff on her line,’ ’cause then that would push them away. I want them to know: No, no, no, I’m doing this for women in general to feel beautiful and sexy.”

At least she’s optimistic.

Photo Credit: Getty Images