Nicki Minaj A Designer? Well, Sort Of

Nicki Minaj surely is… eccentric. I miss the days of her early career, when she wasn’t hip-hop’s Lady Gaga, and could still be considered as “normal”.

Minaj has expanded her business to not only music, but also beauty, by launching her fragrance, Pink Friday, this year. Now, is Minaj adding designer to her resume? Well, not exactly.

If you’re familiar with Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Fragrance, the packaging is essentially a gold bust of Minaj wearing a pink wig and white bustier. How is this relevant to her design career? Well, it turns out that Minaj has designed outfits to be put on the bottles. Like actual Barbie dolls.

Outfits for her perfume bottles… that’s what she’s designing. Okay. Not only that, but this collection of perfume bottle ensembles has an actual name: Couture by Minaj.

Honestly, if this isn’t the most stupid thing you hear today, I’ll be in shock.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images