This New Form Of Birth Control Claims To Also Help Women Achieve Orgasms

Thigh-high stockings, corsets and whips are often the things labeled "sexy" in the bedroom.

Female condoms? Not so much.

Condom manufacturer IXu LLC may have found a way to amp up the sexuality of the female condom.

By attaching a controllable, Bluetooth-capable vibrating ring to the exterior portion of the condom, the Michigan company believes it found a way to provide safe sex while ensuring orgasm, reports The Daily Dot.

According to a press release from the company, 70 percent of women using the VA w.o.w. Feminine Condom in a company-funded study achieved orgasm on the first try.

By the fourth trial, 100 percent of participants in the 50-person study found themselves climaxing while wearing the condom.

Don't get too impatient to try the VA w.o.w., however.

Although Women's Health reports IXu hopes to have the condom on European shelves within the next year and a half, the condom is not yet FDA approved.

CEO Brian Osterberg explained to The Daily Dot,

Typically the difficulties of FDA approval is the expense, the millions of dollars needed for clinical evaluation. There’s been some hesitation to spend the money to test something if it seems similar to a product that failed.

If IXu has its way, the female condom will soon be a bedroom must-have.

IXu already submitted its designs to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's condom contest that aims to create a better kind of condom.