How To Treat Your Summer Acne Without Spending Any Money On Skincare

Do you feel like you break out more during the summer? This likely has to do with the fact that you're sweating more, so your skin is accumulating more dirt and toxins.

However, if you suffer from chronic acne, the summertime can feel impossible. You're hot and sweaty. You feel like your skin is never clean. The sweat makes your acne hurt. Why can't it just go away?

You can give summer acne the slip with these cures. You've still got weeks of summer left. Enjoy them acne-free.

Head to the ocean.

I know the last thing you feel like doing with your acne is heading to the beach with friends, but trust me. It'll help.

Saltwater, specifically from the ocean, is great for acne. It helps take the inflammation out of your skin while the trace nutrients in the water help heal your acne. Many acne sufferers find that a trip to the beach can help their skin look better than ever.

If a trip to the beach just isn't feasible for you right now or you live nowhere near the ocean, try making your own saltwater solution at home.

Give dairy the cold shoulder.

Among the many triggers for acne, diet is a big one. The food we eat has a direct connection to our bodies, and skin is often a good indicator of how well we're eating.

Cow's milk also contains hormones that can make skin seemingly go crazy. When you're trying to heal your acne this summer, consider going dairy-free for a few weeks to see if it'll help.

In the meantime, take advantage of dairy-free alternatives like coconut and almond milk. They taste great and you won't miss that baby cow juice.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

If you've struggled with acne for quite some time, chances are good you have a host of products in your bathroom that are meant to get rid of it -- harsh chemicals and drying agents that can actually harm your skin more than help it.

Moisturizing often feels like the last thing you should do, but keeping your skin's moisture and pH balanced can help heal your acne.

Although there are many natural products available you can use, many great moisturizers are already in your home. Take advantage of coconut oil, raw honey and aloe vera to help moisturize your face.

Make omega-3s your friend.

Again, this is where diet plays a serious role in treating your acne. Although we've been conditioned to think fat is bad, the right kinds of fat are incredibly essential to your body.

This includes monounsaturated fats (olive oil, for example) and even saturated fats (coconut oil). Omega-3 fatty acids help to nourish skin and decrease inflammation.

Where can you find omega-3s? Excellent sources of essential fatty acids include seeds like chia, flax, sesame and pumpkin. Pumpkin seeds also contain high amounts of zinc and magnesium, essential nutrients for your skin. Nuts, fish and some meats also contain high concentrations of omega-3s.

Acne can feel like a huge problem, especially if it's in an area that people see and interact with every day. You can banish summer acne by trying some of these cures. And, let's face it, a little coconut oil and a trip to the beach never hurt anybody,