Nasty Gal Releases Quite The Unapologetic Shoe For Millennial Girls

By Gigi Engle

Oh, have we have found the footwear to perfectly compliment your bitchy resting face!

Nasty Gal, the online retailer who's proven to never be afraid of taking risks, has released a pair of Jeffery Campbell shoes that are much more than your average platform heels.

The sky-high heels are plastered in gold with the words, “Sorry Not Sorry." And as the description states, these shoes “let your feet do the talkin' for ya.” We could not agree more.

Girls across the globe are sure to snap up these feisty stilettos in a heartbeat. While we find them hilarious and slightly over-the-top ridiculous, we can't help but ask: Can we have a pair?

From the front:

Up close:

Oh you fancy, huh?:

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