4 Easy Thanksgiving Nail Art Designs That Don't Require Special Skills

Thanksgiving is a time for conversation. Without fail, you can always look forward to your family members talking your ear off about things you really don't care about.

This year, you can avoid all those questions by making your nails the center of conversation.

Take my advice and try these four DIY Thanksgiving nail designs. It's not every day you can sport a turkey leg on your nail.

Nail pens are suggested, but not entirely necessary.

1. Ear Of Corn

Celine Rahman

Colors you'll need: yellow, green and gold.

Step 1: Draw your corn base using a yellow nail pen.

Step 2: Form the first part of your leaf on the right side using a green nail pen.

Step 3: Shade in the right side of your corn stock forming the first leaf.

Step 4: Form your left leaf modeling the right side, but make sure you draw it a bit shorter.

Step 5: Fill in your top left leaf with a green nail pen, then use a gold nail pen to draw horizontal lines across your corn.

Step 6: Finish your corn stock by adding two vertical lines across your horizontal rows.

2. Pilgrim Hat

Celine Rahman

Step 1: Draw your pilgrim hat base with a black nail pen.

Step 2: Draw a horizontal belt using any color you desire.

Step 3: Complete your pilgrim hat with a yellow buckle by drawing a square at the center of the belt.

3. Pumpkin Pie

Celine Rahman

Colors you'll need: bronze, orange, gold and white.

Step 1: Draw a triangle with a bronze or orange nail pen.

Step 2: Create the base of your pie by filling in the triangle.

Step 3: Use a gold nail pen to draw the crust along the top of the pie.

Step 4: Complete your pie by adding a little whipped cream using a white nail pen.

4. Turkey Leg

Celine Rahman

Colors you'll need: white, brown and bronze.

Step 1: Draw the base of your turkey leg by using a white nail pen to create the bone.

Step 2: Outline your turkey leg with a bronze or brown nail pen.

Step 3: Complete your meat by filling in the rest of your turkey leg with the bronze or brown nail pen.