Your Morning Cup Of Coffee Can Actually Help Fix Your Puffy Eyes

I used to think all women woke up like Cinderella. Cue birds chirping, arms stretching and a perfect blowout.

Then, I entered the workforce. Late mornings became the stuff of myth, only to be replaced by pre-work yoga and hitting the snooze button 10 times. The puffy, sleepy eyes followed.

Caffeine constricts blood vessels and boasts plenty of antioxidants, so it's a great choice for a homemade morning fix.

After brewing your coffee, pop open a K-Cup -- about four tablespoons of coffee grounds -- and add a splash of water to the mix.

Over a bathroom counter or easily cleaned area, stir the grounds and water into a paste before applying them in a half-moon shape under the eyes. It's okay to use your fingers.

15 minutes later, wash it off.

In less time than it takes to apply "no makeup" makeup, you'll look fresh and new again.

Thank us later, after your boss comments on how enthusiastic you've seemed lately.

Jessica Ariel Wendroff