More On Vogue And The Great Gatsby


Yesterday, I wrote about my skeptical thoughts as to whether the much anticipated film remake, The Great Gatsby, would ever actually be released in theaters. With the release date being pushed back two years, it’s only natural to feel this way.

Vogue, however, has been hinting at the fact that it is in fact coming out on time (finally), with their multiple Gatsby spreads, in multiple Vogue outlets. The May cover of US Vogue is graced by the presence of The Great Gatsby starlet Carey Mulligan, who is promoting that the film is in fact coming out on May 10th.

Mulligan, who plays the story’s most elusive female, Daisy Buchanan, is wearing an almost lime green Oscar de la Renta gown on the cover, which was shot by Mario Testino.

On the inside pages, Mulligan dons a series of Chanel couture, Miu Miu, McQueen and more in various editorial photographs. Mulligan (and fashion) fans will be excited to see these photos, but will be even more excited to read the accompanying cover story.

Mulligan touches on how she read up on Zelda Fitzgerald in preparation for her role as Buchanan:

“She feels like she’s living in a movie of her own life. She’s constantly on show, performing all the time. Nothing bad can happen in a dream. You can’t die in a dream. She’s in her own TV show. She’s like a Kardashian.”

She also touched on how she beat out Scarlett Johansson, Michelle Williams, Blake Lively, Keira Knightley, and Natalie Portman for this ultra coveted role.

Does this increase your excitement for the soon-to-finally-be-released film?

Ally Batista | Elite.

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