The Best Moments At The Oscars


The Oscars are hours long and hard to sit through if you’re not a devout fan of film and cinematography. However, last night was more exciting than any other Oscar’s ceremony I’ve ever seen.

Here are the best moments from last night’s Oscars:

Seth MacFarlane


For someone who was so convinced that he was not “the right guy for the job,” Seth proved that yes, even though he’s no Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, he could be one of the greatest Oscar hosts of all time. He was funny, charming, entertaining and kept us all interested in such a long production.

The Musical Tributes


The Oscars don’t normally have a theme, but this year, they switched it up a bit and focused on musical theatre. Featuring singing performances from the ladies from "Chicago," Jennifer Hudson, Adele and the "Les Mis" tribute, it definitely added an extra bit of excitement.

Jennifer Lawrence Winning, And Falling


Not only is she super young, charismatic and relatable, but home girl tripped up the stairs going to accept her award. Instead of it bothering her, she laughed about it and joked it off. Who can’t love her after that?

What was your favorite moment?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images