Mom Hilariously Rips Apart Unrealistic Stock Photos Of Motherhood

Sara Given knows that parenting and managing a growing family isn't always picturesque.

Given realized she couldn't bear to see one more stock photograph of a woman breastfeeding while in a meeting and getting a manicure.

The Ohio mother started a Tumblr called "It's Like They Know Us," dedicated to the most unrealistic stock photography she could find.

Given told the Huffington Post that she feels the photos are a healthy way to address the pressures placed on mothers.

She said,

It's cathartic to poke fun at these pictures when we know what parenting really looks like. There is so much pressure to get mothering 'perfect.'

The images, paired with her snarky captions, are in stark contrast to the messy world of kids.

Given invites viewers to "relax on your pristine white couch and enjoy these realistic depictions of motherhood."

You'll never see salad the same way after this.

The family enjoys dinner together.

She never even has to shower.

Half-cooked spaghetti tastes wonderful.

Those smiles are a bit too wide.

Babies are even more relaxing than the spa.

"I don't want an epidural."

That really is multitasking.

The skirt suit makes this picture.

Vineyard Vines, anyone?

Babies love noisy coffee shops.

She's even smiling during that sunscreen application.

That little boy is surely helping mom write reports.

H/T: Huffington Post, Photos courtesy: It's Like They Know Us