Emily Arata

These Models Barely Wore Any Makeup On The Runway To Highlight Their Skin

In beauty aisles and on vanities across the country, something very strange is happening. Or rather, has been in the process of happening for several years.

Gone are the glass foundation bottles and pots of hefty concealer that feel a lot like spackle. They've been pushed out by BB creams, tinted moisturizers and, of course, actual skin care — lotions, creams and the like.

Beauty companies and dermatologists have finally begun convincing women that a beautiful face of makeup starts with hydrated, healthy skin. Peeling lips and Crypt Keeper pores won't get you anywhere.

The importance of glowing skin has never been more evident than backstage at Club Monaco's Flower Beauty-sponsored New York Fashion Week show. Lead makeup artist Polly Osmond explained she wanted the models to look healthy and wealthy (my favorite combination).

Instead of a full face of makeup for the runway, the team did very little. They groomed the models' brows, then added pops of Flower Beauty's Glisten Up highlighter on the cheekbones and eyelids. They finished up with lip gloss and blush mixed with bronzer.

Osmond said the low-key look was indicative of Club Monaco's brand, explaining,

Club Monaco as a brand isn't overdone, so the creative director wanted something very simple that gave a more expensive feel rather than 'I just got out of bed' kind of feel. So that is polished skin with a healthy glow... somebody that does look after themselves.

Expensive skin, huh? There's an idea we don't usually consider.

To wear a face bare of cosmetics as a grown-ass adult woman, you have to invest in eye cream, night cream, exfoliators, serums and toners. It's a lengthy road to model-worthy skin.

Drink your water and wash your face every night — the results are worthwhile.

The ultimate goal, according to Osmond: To "make the skin look really kind of expensive and glossy."