Minion Menstrual Pads Actually Exist, And The World Is Basically Over

"Minions" made a ton of money at the box office in its debut weekend -- $115.2 million to be exact.

That's in no small part due to a ubiquitous advertising campaign for the film; these little yellow guys are all over the place.

But, there's one place you probably never guessed they would show up: a menstrual pad.

That's right. Kevin and the gang can be seen adorning a set of maxi pads on sale on Etsy.

Wearing a decorative sanitary napkin seems somewhat counterintuitive. It's not like anyone is going to see it, and it's just going to get ruined sooner or later.

But, what do I know about periods? Not a lot!

Ladies, if you decide to use these Minion pads, that's totally fine. Just be sure not to talk to me until your moon is over.

Here's what a Minion menstrual pad looks like.

You can get it in blue, too!

Hell, you might as well buy a whole pack.

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