Say Yes to the Mess… I Mean, Dress.

I'd like to propose a toast... to everyone attending a wedding this year. May your journey to the reception be fun-filled, the pre-party prep be productive and the taking down of the 'save the date' (therefore freeing space on your refrigerator door) be liberating.

And when the 'I dos' are said and done, treat yourself to a St-Germain cocktail. You deserve it.

I happen to be a very organized individual and a planner, too. The agenda book I own (in addition to my iPhone calendar) is packed with activities, initiatives, deadlines and tasks to tackle. For some unfortunate and inexplicable reason, intense procrastination recently got the best of me.

My cousin gets married this weekend in Dallas. Sure, I've had a significant amount of time between the proposal (last year), the couple declaring a date and my return of RSVP. So, how does one somehow manage to leave less than six days to prepare for a ceremony of matrimony? I have no idea, either.

My mission started mid-Monday, with my sole mates (shoes), while speed dating for a dress.

· Something old: With several pairs of heels, sandals, wedges, flats, open-toe, close-toe, formal and flirty fits for feet, there was no need to spend a minute more shopping for a pair of shoes (though I wouldn't have minded at all).

Why start with shoes rather than a gown? Because it's something I already owned, and therefore, I was less likely to fall in love and play matchmaker with a new dress.

· Something new: Options can be overwhelming. Thankfully, because Dallas is more than 100 degrees in summer, my dress choices were already limiting. Light colors, bright colors, short skirts. I needed something to fit, something lightweight and something that wasn't going to attract heat.

"Wearing white to weddings is a growing trend that both celebrities and royalty have helped to create," says David's Bridal Style Council member Nicole Brewer.

Since I'm neither an A-lister nor an heir, this was not an option, but I appreciated the advice anyway. Instead of risking my life, I opted for something with a little color.

Something borrowed: For a girl on a budget, jewelry is the icing on the dieter's cake. Rather than spending anything on a necklace, earrings or bracelets, I asked a friend to lend. Other options for guests of the bride and groom? - shiny stuff for much, much less moolah. Lifesavers.

This of course required matching, analyzing, begging and promising my life in exchange for unreturned items. All worked out in the end.

Something blue: I've got nothing. Nada. After all, I'm not the bride - just a family member with a recent lapse of time management. Could you imagine if this were my big day?

Nevertheless, it's Friday morning, and I've managed to pull off mission impossible. With a flight departing in less than 24 hours, there's only one thing left to do: pack.

Get excited, Texas. It's time to celebrate love, life and leaving things to the last minute.

Hilary Sheinbaum | Elite.