While Men Think Cheating Is Sexual, Women Think Of It As A Romantic Thing

"Because we were on break" is probably never a good excuse, but a new study has revealed that the cheating one partner might be apologizing for is very different for men and women.

The study, published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology, shows that perceptions of infidelity in relationships very much depend on the person's gender.

According to the Kansas State University-sponsored report, men are more worried about physical cheating, whereas women are more disturbed by the thought of their partner having an emotional affair with someone else:

"Males reported that sexual infidelity scenarios were relatively more distressing than emotional infidelity scenarios, and the opposite was true of females."

The study, which asked 238 men and 239 women a variety of questions about dating, originally sought to determine which factors — like relationship habits, former trust issues, etc. — impacted how individuals thought about cheating.

But the only factor of any importance turned out to be gender.

The paper's 24 pages can really then be summed up in one single sentence: men care more about physical cheating, while women are more upset by emotional infidelity.

H/T: Huffington Post, Photo Credit: Shutterstock