Men Of Instagram Show Off Their #Suitfies And It's Everything Right Now (Photos)

by Emily Arata

There are few things in this world we all can agree on: Anne Hathaway sucking, the epic fail that was the "50 Shades of Grey" movie and men in suits being the pinnacle of hot-guy dressing.

In an increasingly casual professional world, dress codes often skew more prominently towards crewneck sweatshirts than knotted ties. Aside from the occasional wedding or conference, men don't often have the chance to break out their chicest ensembles.

If guys are putting in the effort to have their suits tailored and accessorized appropriately, they need to maximize the number of people who see the finished product. Enter, Instagram.

Call it a #suitfie or label it #suitedup, but the result is the same: A perfectly shot suit selfie that's the male equivalent of the female "skinny arm" pose – add in bonus points for perfectly manicured facial hair.

On a social media app that seems to be dominated by female style contributions, men are stepping up their game.

Stylish guys love to wear suits, and we always enjoy admiring them.

They call to mind both the bad boys and the gentlemen of pop culture.

From Sinatra to Bond, the suit is more than just a clothing choice.

It's a power move.

Like the selfies often taken by women before a night out, the suitfie conveys a strategic combination of ego and charm.

It takes just the right shot to flex without overdoing it.

It's a simple silhouette, but many male fashion gurus find a way to add their own touches.

Some opt for a classic watch.

Others pick a coordinating pocket square.

Even within the boundaries of a single style, these Instagram icons find a way to express their personalities.

No two looks are the same.

Many men enjoy dressing casually for work, but that doesn't mean they exclusively want to exist in sweatpants.

Instagram was practically made for showing off.

Given the rare opportunity to dress up, these men have to document the moment.

We give an enthusiastic two thumbs up to the trend.

It's refreshing to see men showing their best looks.

The suitfie is a win for everyone involved.

It's one part effortless cool, two parts classic charm.

Suited men of Instagram, we salute you.

A word to the rest of you: suit up.